Debug Camera

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The debug camera can be accessed using Console Commands in the practice range or a private server (in which you have admin permissions), using the ToggleDebugCamera command.


  • Space - show/hide death card
  • Q/E - move down/up relative to global plane
  • WASD - move horizontally relative to local plane
  • Arrow Left/Arrow Right - turn the camera left/right
  • T - teleport to cursor position
  • Ctrl + M - toggle AI actors sprinting
  • P - pause/unpause the game
  • V (hold) - watch from "own perspective"
    • Appears to force camera perspective to own titan's position
  • Z - teleport player hero to debug camera position
  • F - "Freezes" rendering
    • Adds a heavy fog around the debug camera, fog can be changed by moving the mouse
    • Freezes the game view, but does not pause the game timer