Crit Chance

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Crit chance is a hero's chance to deal critical hits with their skills. Critical hits deal 20% extra damage and are calculated per hit, so multi-hit skills can have some of the hits be criticals while other are not.

Every hero's base crit chance is 0.01%. Landing hits with basic attacks will steadily build crit chance, at a different rate for different characters. Failing to land hits with basic attacks will cause crit chance to rapidly decay to its base value. Because of this, it is sometimes favorable to disengage when the enemy team has a hero like Imani at high crit chance sniping your team and wait for her crit chance to decay.

Many characters have upgrades that can increase crit chance, with some even giving a temporary 100% crit chance in certain scenarios.

Upgrades that change the nature of an attack, such as those that turn a melee attack into a ranged attack, also can change the crit buildup.

Hero Crit Chance Buildup
Aisling 6% melee / 0% projectile
Beckett 2% pistols / 6% cannon
Charnok 6%
Ezren Ghal 6%
Griselma 3% beam / 3% melee
HK-206 2%
Imani 4%, 4%, 4% LMB / 4% RMB
Lord Knossos 3%
Mozu 2% LMB / 2% RMB
Oru 6%
Pakko 6%
Ramsay 6% LMB / 6% - 48% Q
Rutger 6%
T-MAT 12%
The Margrave 6%
Tripp 3%, 3%
Tyto the Swift 6%
Uncle Sven 9%
Vadasi 2% RMB beam / 6% RMB projectile
Voden 6%
Wu 3%, 3%, 15%
Xenobia 3%
Zandora 3% melee / 2% beam