Console Commands/Other

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"Bad" commands

Better to not mess with these commands.

  • KillViewedActor - it's a standard UE3 command, that will kill or destroy an entity that is controlled by player - after doing so the game's screen will turn white or black and it won't respond on anything (even on Ctrl+F4), making player shut it down trough “Close” button (if windowed) or Task Manager
  • ForceTitanVulnerable <0/1> - forces wound mode for friendly (0) or the enemy (1) guardian (can take damage to the heart, other guardian doesn't appear) - apparently it can break guardians' AI

Disabled commands

These commands were disabled by developers or don't do anything; the majority of them are standard UE3 console commands.

  • AllAmmo - sets ammo counts to maximum on all weapons - does nothing, even with heroes that have ammo, such as Beckett
  • AllWeapons - gives the player all the weapons available in the game - does nothing, as it doesn't makes sense in this game
  • Amphibious - causes the player to be able to stay underwater virtually indefinitely - does nothing, since there is only one map with watery zones, which greatly damage characters or kill them instantly; this can be avoided with God command
  • ToggleVoiceCommandUIDisplayed - toggles a quick-chat menu - doesn't work
  • TestAdminMessage <anything> - admin pop-up - doesn't work


  • Admin CommandLine[FString]
  • QuitMP
  • QMSInput InputIndexReceived[INT]
  • WriteToLog Param[FString]
  • EditAIByTrace
  • EnableCheats

To check

  • InvertTurn : Inverts X-axis rotation. InvertMouse does the same for the Y-axis, but there's an option for this under Controls.
  • ImageGrain <number> : Adds a grain effect (default -1). Decimals allowed.
  • InternalDisableCooldowns
  • InternalEnableCooldowns
  • SetBind <key> <command> : Binds the key to the given console command. Not sure about the list of keys, but N, DELETE and MULTIPLY worked.
  • Slomo <number> : Sets the game speed (default 1).
  • SuspendAI : Disables AI of bots. Does not affect Guardians and Summoned creatures.
  • TakeHit <direction> : Makes your character play the hit animation. Unsure on value for direction (string); any value seems to do the same.
  • FreezeAt Here - Show <key> and Stat <key> have a bunch of values. Show toggles debug information in the world and Stat toggles debug information on the HUD.
  • SpawnHero (heroname) (teamnumber) (spawnonairship) (viewbot) (tutorialbot) (debugmode) (brainless)
  • StartSlither - Start Final Clash