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Sir Cador

Sir Cador in ethereal form, guided by Aisling.

To understand Aisling, you have to understand her father, Cador. Cador was widely known as a war hero, dedicated to his cause and able to fight through even the darkest battlefields. According to House Aurion, he was, at a time, unable to don his armor or even raise his arms above his shoulders, but he still managed to lead a charge into battle, emerging victorious.

During the consecration of this victory, however, he was nowhere to be found - he had instead departed immediately after the battle to tend to his daughter, Aisling, who had fallen sick in the capital. This demonstrates the other thing Cador was known for, outside of his war prowess - he was (and is) protective over Aisling at all costs, willing to die (and kill) for her safety.

Cador's renown came at a price, however - there were many in his House who did not agree with his methods, and did not honor him. This manifested in his slaughter and betrayal at the hands of an unknown assailant, assumed to be an attack from within his ranks. Because Cador did not know his killer, he was unable to ascend into the afterlife, and instead sealed his soul into his war sword until his murderer can be found.

Aisling Awakening

Aisling awakening to the power of Cador's sword.

What Cador did not anticipate, however, was how alike Aisling was to her father. Her anger and desire to destroy those who had killed her father motivated her, and before her father's body was even buried, she began to plot her revenge. At her father's funeral, she grasped Cador's Sword, preparing to set out on the warpath, only to face his spirit, erupting from within.

While Cador did not want his daughter to fight his battle before, or after, his death, he had little say against the choices of the headstrong Aisling. She was going to enter battle regardless of whether or not he accepted it, and so he realized that the only way to protect his daughter was to fight alongside her.

Controlling Cador

According to House Tessarus, Aisling has always had a latent ability to control the scientifically identified properties of the spirit world, specifically plasma. After studying Aisling, they noticed that she was controlling the plasma flow of Cador's spirit, and developed the ability to not only throw him a close distance, but to seal him temporarily within the sword at his will.

While she is incredibly young, she has shown great promise since her youth, both in terms of her educational grades and her fighting prowess.

Seeking Revenge

Aisling, fighting for truth about her father's death.

Aisling is interesting in that she's not actively seeking out war against the other houses for the sake of war. While the Five Houses - House Aurion, House Tesserus, House Melkior, House Devaedra, and House Karkaresh - are constantly in conflict for age-old reasons, Aisling fights to discover her father's killer.

She is singularly motivated, which shows in her determination and aggression.