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This template creates a block about hero's talent. It must be used on pages about hero abilities (see: Category:Hero main info).
Template uses Extension:TemplateStyles; for styles see Template:HeroTalent/styles.css.
Copy and fill the following code:
|icon = 
|name = 
|battle = 
|clash = 
There's currently no way to determine type of talent and its icon, so use the list bellow to insert needed icon on actual page:
Code Icon Code Icon Code Icon Code Icon
sword add shield add stamina add shield pierce
sword duration shield duration stamina duration focus
sword cooldown shield cooldown speed ammo
sword range shield range heal add grenade
sword area shield misc heal area blank
(in case there's no icons in game)
Usage example
|icon = shield duration
|name = Insult and Injury
|battle = '''[RMB/LT]:''' '''WORDS OF SPITE''' debuffs last for 2s longer.
|clash = If a debuffed foe dies, reset all cooldowns.}}
Insult and Injury
[RMB/LT]: WORDS OF SPITE debuffs last for 2s longer.
If a debuffed foe dies, reset all cooldowns.